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What a refreshing experience it’s been to build this Garapa Deck. The ocean, house and deck goes so well together one could not imagen them apart.

Building an outside Garapa Deck in cape town

There is a common saying that “location, location, location”. This mantra takes on a new significance when applied to real estate and luxury brands. The location of your house, the location of your office, the location of your favorite restaurant – all these elements combine to make your location your all-time favorite place. There is beauty in the fact that you can choose to live near the city center or in the suburbs, you can work in an exciting urban setting or in a more remote environment, you can eat at a local café or dine at a five-star restaurant.

The same concept applies to outdoor spaces. The space where you relax with a drink, where you grill your meat, where you play tennis or golf – these are all vital parts of your outdoor experience. The key difference is that when it comes to real estate and luxury brands, location is not something that you can take for granted. If you want your dream outdoor space to come true, you will need to put in the legwork to find a good location. 

One of the most exciting times in a person’s life is when they build their dream home. The process can be both exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. Every little step along the way is like a milestone – from picking out your paint color to deciding on the floor plan to picking out your fixtures and fittings. At the end of the day, you can finally relax and enjoy your newly built space. 

The same euphoria does not accompany the process of building an outdoor deck. For one thing, deck building is far more involved than wall and floor construction. The space you select for your outdoor recreation needs to be both functional and aesthetic. The lack of a built-in place to cook, serve food, and relax in the Caribbean makes this process more laborious. The key word here is “laborious”, because building a deck is not something that can be delegated to the average person. It requires specific tools, specialized equipment and a decent amount of DIY know-how.

If you are looking to build an outdoor deck in Cape Town, South Africa, then this guide will help you avoid the many pitfalls that can otherwise render the process fruitless. We will discuss the various aspects of outdoor deck building that you will need to consider, including the location of your chosen space and the tools needed for the process. The guide will also cover some tips on how to select the right materials and equipment, as well as a few DIY projects that you can perform yourself to save money.

Location, Location, Location

Just like in real estate and luxury brands, the location of your outdoor space is vital to its success. You will need to consider several important factors regarding location before you make your decision. These include the distance from your house to the nearest town, shop, restaurant or public transport, as well as the direction you would like your deck to be oriented.

Shopping centers, big-box stores, and malls play an important role in the lives of modern urbanites. However, the location of your outdoor space should not be determined by these factors. Your local library, for example, may be the closest place to your house, but if you want your deck to be oriented to the west, then its proximity to the nearest mall will not matter. What you want is a space that is safe, comfortable and relaxing, and that fulfills your needs. When selecting your location, make sure that there is sufficient light and that the space has proper ventilation.

Building Materials And Tools

Your deck will be much easier to build if you select the right materials. This is not to say that wood is the only option, but it is the most common and popular one. If you want a traditional look then wooden decks are the way to go. They also allow for easy maintenance and growth as they age. If you want to jazz up your outdoor space then metal or plastic decks are your best option. They can be either painted or stained to give them that authentic beach feel that is so appealing.

As for the tools needed to build your deck, a common misconception is that power tools are indispensable. While it is true that certain tasks such as drilling and cutting require specific tools, others can be done with regular household appliances. The most important thing is that you have the necessary tools for the job. You do not need a Ferrari to build a decent-looking deck. In fact, a hand tool kit will suffice. Be sure to get one that is big enough to handle the various tasks you need to do. Do not hesitate to splurge on the tools you feel will improve your productivity. In the end, your wallet will thank you for it.


There are various pieces of equipment you will need to build your outdoor deck. These include the ladder, the scaffold, the platform, the safety gear, etc. The first two items on this list are necessary for construction, while the rest are only beneficial. Make sure that you have the proper safety equipment before you begin your project. In addition to these four items, you will need the land area’s permission to build the deck. Permission is not necessary if you are building on a property that is already built upon. If the land is owned by you, then you need to apply for a building permit. This will vary from city to city, so be sure to know the local regulations before you begin your project.

DIY Projects

Doing it yourself does not always mean that you have to do everything yourself. There are many deck building projects you can undertake that will save you both time and money. If you want to build a cantilevered deck, for example, then one option is to use pressure treated wood. This is a type of wood that is resistant to rotting and is an excellent choice for outdoor spaces. It also allows for proper ventilation and easy cleaning.

Another DIY project that can be used to generate extra income is to build an outdoor grill. You can use this as a barbeque or a braai grill, and it will provide you with countless entertaining opportunities. Another is to build a picnic table or a bench. These will be useful for meals and also provide you with an outdoor space to socialize with friends.

One of the most popular outdoor activities in the summer is barbeques. The preparation and consumption of food outside is a great way to socialize while enjoying the beautiful view. This is why many homeowners and urban dwellers build outdoor kitchens and eating areas. If you want to enjoy barbecues on your outdoor deck then one option is to build a roofed area that will provide shelter from the sun and rain. You can also build a fireplace to enjoy the crackling of the wood while relaxing with a drink.

So, there you have it. Now that you are equipped with the basic information you need to begin your outdoor deck building journey, it’s time to find the perfect location and get to work. Good luck!