Living Wood Carpentry


Creating an Enchanting Outdoor Space: Pergola and Decking

A stunning pergola and decking have recently been constructed around a brand-new, braai place, forming an enchanting outdoor living area

With its elegant beams and expert craftsmanship, the pergola stands as a testament to beauty and functionality.

The structure perfectly complements the braai place, offering a sheltered area where friends and family can gather and enjoy the warmth of the fire, even under the warmest summer sun or light rain showers. Built with H3 pine. 

Brazilian Ash Deck: Elevating Poolside Luxury

A Brazilian ash deck around the pool area creates a stunning and luxurious look.

The rich tones and natural beauty of the Brazilian ash wood complement the blue water of the pool, creating a picturesque and inviting outdoor space.

The smooth and sleek surface of the deck provides a comfortable and safe area for lounging, entertaining, and enjoying the poolside views.

The addition of the Brazilian ash deck enhances the overall aesthetic of the pool area, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and enjoyment.

Durbanville Pergola Work

The installation of a pergola is a great way to add some shade to your outdoor living space and it’s also a beautiful addition to any home. Living Wood Carpentry is a company that offers you the opportunity to have your own pergola installed.

Pergolas can be used as an outdoor living space, they can be used as a place for entertaining guests or just relaxing on weekends. A pergola is not just about the structure, but also about the design and aesthetics. Living Wood Carpentry can offer you various designs and colours, so that you can choose one that suits your home perfectly. we can also offer you different shapes for different purposes, such as square or rectangular shapes for those who want more privacy.


Stunning Deck:
Seamless Indoor and Outdoor Living

The built deck next to the pool is a stunning addition to this outdoor space. The rich, warm wood tones and contemporary design perfectly complement the pool area, creating a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living.

 The spacious deck provides plenty of room for lounging and entertaining. 

Creating the perfect spot for enjoying a morning coffee or soaking up the sun on a lazy afternoon.

 The spacious deck provides plenty of room for lounging and entertaining. 

Camps Bay Decking Work

One cannot describe how much love I feel for this build and the setting of this amazing home. 

Nestled in the breathtaking beauty of Hout Bay, our brand new Garapa Deck installation stands as a testament to craftsmanship and passion. Ready for all those hot summer days and countless memories to come, this deck is more than just a structure; it’s a portal to laughter-filled gatherings, quiet moments of reflection, and the embrace of nature’s splendor. 

As the sun kisses its surface, it whispers of endless possibilities and unforgettable experiences awaiting those who step onto its welcoming planks. 

Here’s to a lifetime of joy and cherished moments on our beloved Hout Bay Decking.

Camps Bay Decking Work

This Garapa Deck is a refreshing experience. It’s been a pleasure to build this deck, the ocean, house and deck go so well together. One could spend hours just sitting on the deck and watching the ocean.

We have been building decks for over 5 years now and we are still as excited about it today as when we first started out. We love seeing people enjoying their decks, even if they are not ours.